To ensure that the outcomes of the research projects will have an impact in industry, each research project must have at least one Intel representative involved. Every project is carefully reviewed by the Intel representative before being approved by the steering committee. As mentioned previously, the Intel–NTU center has four Special Interest Groups (SIGs) based on the research interests and expertise of the researchers. The members and their cooperative projects are shown in Figure 4. There are currently 20 sub-projects (as of April 2012). Thirty-one NTU professors and eleven professors from other institutions are involved, along with three full-time and twenty-five part-time researchers from Intel. The center has the following unique features that foster innovative research influence the world outside academia:

  1.     Only non-incremental advanced research projects that can have a significant industrial impact will be conducted.
  2.     Multi-disciplinary technology integration will be the focus.

Figure 4. Center structure and research teams.