職  稱專任研究助理
名  額1名
資格條件1. 國內外大學以上畢業,具論文寫作經驗佳。
2. 英文聽、說、讀、寫流利。
3. 中文寫作清楚流暢。
4. 耐心、細心,能長時間獨立作業者。
5. 抗壓性高,能於緊迫的期限下完成交辦任務。
6. 有禮、親和力高,能與教授和研究人員良好互動。
7. 能獨立作業亦能與勝任團隊合作者。
工作項目1. 規劃、統整、撰寫經費來源所需之成果報告(如科技部年度報告等)。
2. 統籌中心每月固定召開的數個研究會議。
3. 蒐集、統整中心季報。
4. 研究成果之建檔與管理、中心KPI達成狀況追蹤與管理。
5. 支援國際研討會、工作坊等活動。
6. 其他與中心研究進度、成果相關的行政事項。

The NTU IoX Center is now accepting applications for the coming 2018 NTU IoX Summer Research Program! We are welcoming all qualified undergraduate/graduate students across the globe to join us this summer at the National Taiwan University! 

  • Program Duration: July 11th - August 22nd
  • Application Deadline: March 5th 

For research theme and more details, please see the application form below:
(Fillable when downloaded)

 NTU IoX CenterSummer Research Program 
July 3rd - August 11th 2017, 6 weeks

NTU IoX Center Summer Research program offers qualified students the opportunity to acquire both research and practical experiences in IoT/HCI fields with our outstanding professors and researchers. Students across the world join us for the challenging and meaningful research project every year.

 Our research themes this year cover:


1. 工作內容

1. 開會議及協助安排各類活動。
2. 協助研討會、國際會議及各類活動之貴賓邀請、宣傳及場務事宜
3. 中英文資料摘要、彙整(中文讀寫能力佳、英文閱讀能力佳)
4. 電腦文書處理、簡報製作(如:Excel、Word、PowerPoint等)
5. 統整/撰寫國科會、科技部年度報告
6. 其他交辦事項

Job Description: TCE Client Software Technology team is looking for interns to help on verifying Android apps on different platforms and ensuring that Android CTS, CTS verifier, GTS could be executed and verified on devices.

Job Description
The Embedded Sales Group (ESG) is currently developing and launching a number of IoT pioneer projects that demonstrate the revolutionary ability of IoT solutions in multiple market segments. Although the IoT concepts have been well adopted, there are critical components that require Intel's direct involvement to enable real end-to-end IoT solutions for a variety of requirements; those critical components are sensor networks interoperability/abstraction layer, trend analysis, big data processing, cloud computing and so on. We are seeking intern candidates to help us innovate and build these essential ingredients for scalable, secured and manageable IoT end-to-end solutions.
An intern developer plays a unique role in the development of programs for sensor networks, gateways and cloud computing platform. Responsibilities of the position include working with senior solutions architects to develop functional prototypes for field trials.

Job Description
Intel Labs China are looking for passionate, hard-working, and talented Research Scientists who have demonstrated outstanding research background and experiences in the natural language processing and machine learning areas, and have strong passion for researching advanced NLP techniques and building innovative applications on Intel computing platforms.  


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