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Honourable Mention Award - CHI 2020 - Glissade: Generating Balance Shifting Feedback to Facilitate Auxiliary Digital Pen Input 2020/03/23
Honourable Mention Award - CHI 2020 - A Skin-Stroke Display on the Eye-Ring Through Head-Mounted Displays 2020/03/23
Best Paper Honorable Mention - UIST 2019 - Tile-type Pop-up Prop for Virtual Reality 2019/10/24
Distinguished Paper Award - Ubicomp 2019 - SoberMotion: Leveraging the Force of Probation Officers to Reduce the Risk of DUI Recidivism 2019/09/25
Best Paper Nominee - ISWC 2019 - Understanding Social Perceptions Towards Interacting with On-Skin Interfaces in Public 2019/09/24
Congratulations to Prof. Li-Chen Fu awarded IFAC Fellow and IEEE Control Systems Society(CSS) Vice President 2016/07/20
Congratulations to Prof. Lin-shan Lee on his election as the Academician of Academia Sinica (2016) 2016/07/08
Congratulations to Dr.Rong-Hao Liang won the 2015 IICM Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award! 2016/03/07
Congratulations to Dr.Hsun-Ping Hsieh won the 2015 IICM Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award! 2016/03/07
Congratulations to Prof. Hung-Yu Wei, Prof. Chih-Ting Lin and Prof. Shou-De Lin won the 2015 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award 2015/11/02
Congratulations Prof. Lin-Shan Lee won the 2015 Presidential Science Prize of Taiwan 2015/11/02
Congratulations Prof. Li-Chen Fu won the 59th Academic Award of Ministry of Education 2015/11/02
Congratulations Intel-NTU Center won the Second Place Award in the filed of Engineering I at the Taiwan Tech Treck 2015 Academic Conference! 2015/11/02
Congratulations Dr. Chuang-wen You won Honorable Mention Paper Award in CHI 2015 2015/05/21
Congratulations Dr. Kate Ching-Ju Lin of winning 23rd Ten Outstanding Young Women on her high quality research capacity ! 2015/04/21
Congratulations to Gauss Boys - Prof. Robin Bing-Yu Chen, Liwei Chan, Rong-Hao Liang, Han-Chih Kuo, Hung-Yu Tseng and Chuan-Xhyuan Peng. 2015/04/21
Congratulations to Prof. Hsin-Mu Tsai, Prof. Ching-Ju Lin, Prof. Shao-Yi Chien and Dr. Chia-Han Lee of winning Intel Distinguished Collaborative Research Award in Intel Innovation Summit 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. Hsin-Mu Tsai's interviewed article by IEEE Spectrum 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. Bing-Yu Chen and Dr. Li-Wei Chan won ACM CHI 2014 Best Paper Honorable Mention Awards 2015/04/21
Congratualations Ph. D student Li-Wei Chan won 2013 IPPR Outstanding Paper Award 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. I-Ping Hung and his students won 2013 CVGIP Best Paper Award 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. I-Ping Hung and his students won the first place in UTMVP competition of 2013 IPPR-CVGIP conference 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. Yung-Jen Hsu、Prof. Shao-Yi Chien and Prof. Hung-Yun Hsieh won the NTU excellent Teaching Awards 2013 2015/04/21
Congratulations Prof. Yao-Wen Chang and Prof. Hsin-Mu Tsai won the NTU Outstanding Teaching Awards 2013 2015/04/21
Congratulations Business Team won the third place of PoS in 2013 Living Lab Service Testing Awards 2015/04/21
Congratulations- SIGRAC PI Pro.Hsin-Mu Tsai as the awardee of the Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program 2014/06/24
Congratulations-BBC and many domestic media report the remote ecological monitoring systems in wild-field and automatic greenhouse. K. Moskvitch, “Taiwan fights fruit fly pest with technology 2014/06/24
Congratulations-SIGCAM Dr. Mi-Yen Yeh’s paper "MLC-Flash-Friendly Logging and Recovery for Databases" got ACM SAC 2013 Best Paper Award 2014/06/24
Congratulations-research team led by Prof.Bing-Yu Chen beong reported by Reuters,'Fingernail display seen as handy technology for future touch screens 2014/06/24
Congratulations-Prof. Fu is appointed as Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Control Systems Society from 2013.1~2015.12 2014/06/24