Facilitation of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

PI: 郭瑞祥

Co-PI: 陳忠仁


We categorized the contributions we have made so far as follows:

(1) Bridging: We conduct interviews with TMT members in D-Link, Wistron, and Vivotek respectively during June, 2014 to September, 2014. For further collaboration, we keep contacting TMT members in the coming quarter. The collaborative approaches could be joint R&D, resource sharing (e.g. data or equipment), contract research, or open licensing. Therefore, the bilateral collaboration between each company should be conducted since next fiscal year under the basis of selected topics.

(2) Concept development and business development: The business team members seek for opportunity identification, concept generation, business plan and new venture from outside perspectives. Team members won the 2013 TiC100 entrepreneurship competition, the 2013 Competition of Agriculture New Idea and released it on the public media, and the 2014 Living Lab Gold award contest competition organized by the institute for information industry. The above events provided some useful insights from market users and other developers. The above experience applied on new opportunity and target markets identification.

(3) Outcome: Incubation of potential technical products and services. For business team, our work was to build big data service business model. After searching for related research and discussing, we proposed a service business model consist of four key elements. They are core value proposition, key technology, key process, and profit formula. We followed this discipline and facilitated two cases. For example, we held two meeting between Driving Curve and ITS group in January and February, 2014. The data sharing between two parties provides the incubation of new application. Another case is that the greenhouse team and business team at Intel-NTU center got a three year contract with about 1 million USD investments from Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) recently. The above two cases are still developing.

(4) Provide entrepreneurship training courses: Prof. Ruey-Shan Guo and Prof. Chung-Jen Chen have facilitated dozens of innovation courses since 2012. Based on these efforts, Prof. Ruey-Shan Guo and Prof. Chung-Jen Chen anticipate that feasible technology with viable business strategy will be converted into customer value and market opportunity in phase II of potential projects.