Natural and Seamless Interaction

PI: Lin Lin Chen (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), CoPI: Yaliang Chuang, Mathias Funk, Rung-Huei Liang

Champion: Suzanne Thomas (Intel), Sangita Sharma (Intel), Shao-Wen Yang (Intel)

Project Objective:

We have achieved the KPI for the First Year in identifying basic vocabularies for human-IOT communication with smart things, building a Dial kit for exploring the lighting patterns, and investigating users’ understanding with single LED. It was found that the designs of lighting pattern could be used as an effective communication to let users know what’s going on in the smart systems, such as Active, Approve, Exchange info, or Show problems. However, due to the limitation of single lighting, users are not easy to perceive some complex behaviors the system is trying to communicate, such as I see you seeing me. To address this issue, we are planning to investigate the richer expressions with the unit consist of 9 LEDs. We imagine that the animations or positions of multiple lightings could be used to convey plentiful messages. 


We’ll first develop a scenario of the interaction of multiple machines and implement the lighting behaviors. Second, we’ll invite the participants to experience and express their understandings of the machine-to-machine communication from the lighting patterns shown on the artifacts. Besides this qualitative exploration, we also plan to find suitable matches of the lighting patterns and the main vocabularies with the quantity measurement approaches. (updated in Feb, 2017)