Augmented Collective Beings 人機共生之感知關鍵技術

In an increasingly connected & automated world, humans are confronted with the challenge of digesting growing volumes of data generated that far outpace the perceptual bandwidth of human biological sensors (i.e., sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) and far exceed the computational capacity of human processors (i.e., brains).
Against this backdrop, we aim to create demonstrable technology for Augmented Collective Beings (ACB) that places people into the interaction loop together with intelligent automated machines. Instead of focusing on augmented machines (e.g. robotics or automation as in Industry 4.0), the ACB technology vision is focused on augmented humans with super-sensing, super-cognitive, and super-communicative capabilities. These enhanced capabilities will allow for natural and seamless interaction in-the-loop with smart machines and other agents.